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How do I start to workout when my fitness level is Zero?

Friday, November 27th, 2009

I’m not seriously overweight, only a little but I have zero endurance and a horrible fitness level. I’m winded after walking short distances. How do I even begin to start working out when I get worn out so fast. I really want to be healthy but I feel like working out for 10 mins because I get seriously out of breath won’t cut it. I’ve also been to the doctor and he said I’m healthy so its not medical.

Its really about getting used to it. I used to take a class that would wear me out before I finished it. Now, the class is so easy that I don’t take it anymore. It took about a month to get through it without feeling exhaused, and every time I went to class it got easier. Just take a class every day and do what you can. Tell the instructor that you are new (they usually ask who is new), and they give advice, just keep moving. All you can do is to stay with the class, don’t leave early and keep pushing yourself. I’ve been at my gym almost 3 yrs. There are girls that look the same now as they did then because they don’t try. My body has improved so much since I joined because I make good food choices, I stop eating when full, if I crave something I get a small version, and I work out daily. You can do this too. I am 5’5 and weigh 112 lbs, and I’m 42 yrs. old. Good luck.

What health care problem should I address in a statistics assignment?

Friday, November 27th, 2009

I have to make a power point about a health care problem for a statistics class and include a frequency table, which means I need actual numbers, not percentages as most statistic information is portrayed. Does anyone know what would be a good health-related topic where I could find actual numbers easily? Or any good websites for health-related data?

The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation is a research think tank. They have all kinds of references to interesting research around health care and health reform. With a little digging, you may be able to contact some of the researchers.

WebMD is another useful source for anything and everything health care.

Centers for disease control and prevention, National Center for Health Statistics:

National Vital statistics system:

How can I tell if my supplement is a placebo or the real deal?

Friday, November 27th, 2009

Quick background:

Me and 19 other guys are doing a strength-and-mass fitness study at Baylor U on the VPX Stealth supplement. It’s a double blind half-placebo study. Most of us in the study are good friends, so we naturally have been trying to figure out who got the actual supplement and who’s chugging 1,000 calories in sugar twice a day. So this naturally leads to my question:

How can I tell if my supplement is a placebo or the real deal?

if it was easy to tell it wouldn’t be a double blind test would it?
you signed up and probably are getting paid to make this an honest test. just deal with it.

How do you create a nutrition facts label?

Friday, November 27th, 2009

A nutrition facts label is required on most pre-packaged food in North America. How would someone go about creating one for one of their products?

This is actually a great question, I’ve been through this and I can tell you this; if you will produce more than 10,000 units or will have I believe 10 or more employees then you need a nutrition label and it needs to be displayed in certain areas. You can find an independent food lab in the yellow pages under laboratory. Now things may of changed so I would suggest going to the FDA website ( just type in business in the search bar and you’ll find tons of info regarding policies. I would suggest if you are serious, finding out if a college near you deals with the culinary arts and if they have any cross classes in business that may help people out for class projects etc.

Do players that admit and apologize to using HGH or steroids better off?

Friday, November 27th, 2009

As we see, Bonds and Clemens have never admitted to using HGH or steroids and we all despise them. They are all hiding from the media, denying their use of HGH or steroids, and being jerks about it. But then we have Andy Pettitte, who now I accept his apologize after he admitted to using HGH. Are players better off for admitting their use of HGH or steroids and apologizing for it?


They get it off their chest. They don’t have to worry about being chased and questioned about it all the time. It’ll probably help on the field too since the player doesn’t have to worry about those thing.

What sport acquires the most physical fitness?

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I like my sports.
And they all have they’re toughness and they’re complete out ignorance [like track, MY OPINION!!]
Name as many sports you know [realllllly know] and list them 1 through how many you decide.

1 being the sport that doesnt acquire much phsyical fitness.

I believe Lacrosse and Soccer are the toughest sports. You need to be in extreme shape and have the skills to even compete in these sports.

How does health insurance work in the US?

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I am a non-US citizen and need this information to do a case.

1) Is health insurance compulsory for everyone?
2) What happens if someone cannot afford it?
3) In the event that a medical procedure needs to be done, does health insurance cover all the bills? Does the patient need to pay anything extra?
4) Does the patient have any say over what kind of procedure he can take? Say if 2 treatments are available for his condition, can the patient choose the more expensive treatment? And if so, is it covered by the insurance?

Thanks for reading this. Your help in answering any part of the questions would be greatly appreciated!
Thanks to those who have responded so far.

I would like to further ask:

Does a health insurance contract state that it will only cover the "normal" rates for a procedure? For eg. if there are 2 possible treatments for a disease, 1 of which is more expensive but more effective than the other, will the patient only be covered by the LESS expensive one?

Or is it a case in which the patient can opt for the more expensive one and "top-up" the difference?

This is a crucial question to my understanding the case. Thanks!

You’ve asked a very broad question. There is no simple answer.

In truth, health insurance works a little differently in each state.

To answer your specific questions:
1) No, health insurance is not compulsory for everyone. If you’re lucky, you are able to join a group policy at work. (If you’re really lucky, it’s a good policy and the employer pays at least half of it.) Some states have recently made it compulsory, but that’s such a recent change that there’s no clear cut answer yet for how that’s going to work.

2) What happens if someone can’t afford it is… they don’t get it, usually. Except if your income puts you below the "poverty level", in which case you qualify for Medicaid. (In some states there are programs that typically provide assistance with insuring children, though they are few and far between for covering adults.)

3) Health insurance rarely covers all the bills when you have a procedure done. Most plans cover 50-80% after you meet your deductible. The deductible amounts vary widely (but the trend is that the deductibles are getting higher and higher to keep the premiums down.) If you’re really, REALLY lucky, you don’t have a deductible (which is only an option on group plans), and you may only have to pay 10% of covered charges. (These plans are few and far between. As in, you might have them if you’re in Congress.)

4) Yes, the patient has some say over procedures. However, if the patient opts for an "experimental" procedure, or one that isn’t deemed "medically necessary", then health insurance may refuse to cover any charges at all.

In the end, as with most things, the middle class takes the brunt of these costs. This has become such a problem that more than 50% of all bankruptcies are as a result of medical bills (and of those, more than 75% had health insurance.)

** Edited to add:
It’s not ALL about the money when a procedure is involved. If it is, the state keeps track of complaints filed on behalf of consumers with "managed care" (ie. any type of network arrangement including Preferred Provider Organizations, Health Maintenance Organizations, and Point of Service organizations — also known as PPO, HMO, and POS) and may very well revoke a company’s charter to do business in the state should the company be turning down too many legitimate claims.

However, insurance companies are sticklers for following the "standard" for medical care. This is what makes it difficult to answer your question. Because they should not deny anything that’s considered standard for care in the given circumstances (should not and will not being two completely different things, of course.) And there may be several options that would be considered "standard." If the patient wants treatment that isn’t yet considered "standard", they would balk. Period.

What is the best supplement to gain weight and what process should be followed?

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I am a 140 lb 6’0" male and want to gain weight and muscle. I understand working out and eating correctly works but I am looking for something to speed up the process. What supplement is trustworthy and will work the best.

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How do you Calculate the nutrition label for a family recipe?

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I am starting to sell homemade toffee that I make myself and I want it to be more professional so I want to create a nutrition label. Can anyone give me website where I can put in the ingredients and it creates the label? Also any tips for making my packaging more attractive would be appreciated.

Go to and click on Analyze Recipe. I have used it for school many times!

Is there a way to legally buy HGH online, or at least a close substitute?

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

I work out a lot, and I know HGH can help with muscle production. I’m not looking for steroids – just legal HGH or something with similar effects.

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