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What are some ideas for a good fitness service project?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

In one of my classes I am required a 10 hour service project. It needs to be something that promotes fitness and that I help plan. Any ideas would be great!! Thank you in advance!

Work with after school clubs (like the Boys & Girls clubs) or non-profit health clubs (YMCA) and try to organize an fitness event. Maybe you could organize a karate instructor to come in and teach a class. Or maybe you could try to get a college athlete to come and give a clinic on that sport – it would be great if it was a sport for both boys and girls, something like soccer.

What does the current health care bill do to reduce cost in health care itself?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

All you hear are liberals spewing their propaganda about how premiums will supposedly go down. How will premiums go down if the actual cost to provide health care services does not decrease? And if you think that actual health care costs (not insurance premiums) will decrease, how will this bill accomplish that?

Nothing of course and the Left knows it.

What none of them will answer though is how any of this will be paid for when the initial looting of Medicare runs dry, leaving the federal government insolvent to the point of not being able to reimburse doctors who are waiting to have their invoices paid.

Edit: Felonious is proof of what I just posted…None of them will address it.

What supplement is best to build muscle?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Im not fat but i got some fat to grow into. Im about to start a full body workout schedule and was wondering if there was a really good supplement out there that would help mold my muscle. Dont need anyone saying you just need to work out and it will come with time. I know that. But some supplements work too and i know that. Thank you for any info.

What Jensen said "Whey protein, careful use of creatine, tons of sleep."

- Bodybuilder for many years

What are some possible careers/college majors for someone who likes nutrition and engineering?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I like learning about food and nutrition (including the science behind it). However, I’m also pretty sure I want to be an engineer. I start college next year and want to pick a major that will suit my interests. Right now, my major is Civil Engineering, but I have come to love learning about nutrition, etc. Does anyone have any ideas?

Chemical engineering might be a good fit, since you like the science part of food and engineering. Find out if there are any food/nutrition classes at your school and take as many of those as you can. Look for a research mentor to work under.

What is the best injectable HGH to buy and where can it be bought?

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

I was thinking about trying the injectable HGH called Jintropin. Does anybody know if Jintropin is a good brand to buy or is there another that is supposed to work better? Any information on this topic would be useful, thanks.

I haven’t heard about that, however, i heard that most of those who are using HGH are hook on this so called Sytropin. Sytropin is one of the best HGH product in the market today. Its not an injectable, it is a stimulant. You can take it anywhere since it is an oral spray. It is also cost effective than injection and is proven to works fast with your body natural HGH production. Stop using HGH injection, why? this are the symptoms you will get: Increased Likelihood of colon cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, Joint Pain. When your pituitary glands will rely most on the injectable thinking that they had enough of the hormone which results to those consequences.

I have found this site and there selling high quality Sytropin, you can check this one. Im sure youll love it.

What are the best websites for fitness programs I can do at home?

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

Preferably with no equipment.
I know I can do a google search but I was wondering if there are any particularly good websites for fitness etc.
Nothing I have to pay for please.

Hi Hattie! there are several websites that can help you with that, but if you want to do fitness at home especially with out equipment, that’s good because it can help you save some extra cash, compared to buying those drastic fitness equipments, do it in some other effective ways instead.

Here are my cardio workout which i always do at home:

* Jumping Jacks
* Plank
* Mountain Climbers
* Side Hops (hop side to side over a dumbbell – you can use anything to jump over)
* Sprint in Place (I hold my hands out and make sure me knees touch them each time)
* Body Weight Squats
* Burpee
* Stationary Reverse Lunge

Can I reimburse myself health insurance costs from my company?

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

We used to have individual health insurance, and I would pay for it out of my own company (an S Corp). When we got insurance through my husband’s employer, I stopped reimbursing myself.
He is paid for by the company, and then it costs extra to add myself and our child.

I was just going to deduct health insurance premiums on our Sch A, but we don’t have enough other medical expenses to meet the limit.

Is it ligit to go ahead and reimburse myself the amount that it cost for the health insurance? Then it would be a business expense. Thanks.

The insurance through your husband’s employer does not meet the test of having been established through the S-corp.

What is the first supplement to be taken while doing exercises?

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

As I am not growing as i wish to be, my weight is 70 kg heigth 5.6 foot. My waist is 34.5 inches my friends are saying if i take supplement my waist will increase more. But i want to look little bit big. So please help me deciding what supplement can i take so that my fats will not increase.

Whey protein BSN syntha-6 gave me good gains

How does nutrition affect hair and why is protein important in your diet?

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

this is for a cosmetology report on hair care. I need to report on how nutrition affects hair and why protein is important in your diet.

Please help me with this question, i can not find it anywhere, not even in the cosmetology book

what u put into your body will show on the outside, for instance using drugs eventually show on the outside, and the saqme goes for food, drinking more water makes your skin have a healthier glow and helps get rid of peoples andmakes your urine less yellow, nutrition is good for your hair because as it grows it will have all those vitamins and what not, protein is good for your hair because it makes it stronger, you know, the same goes for building muscle eat lots of protein and the same goes for the hair!!!!! i take hair skin and nail vitamins and my hair is a lot stonger and healthier, i am able to keep the hair i grow without it breaking off!!!!!

How would you deal with HGH usage in MLB?

Wednesday, April 21st, 2010

I would offer a reward for anyone who has video and audio evidence of someone using HGH…for example a video of someone injecting HGH or buying it and offer a $20,000 reward for someone who has evidence of a player using HGH. what would you do?

i would take a sample of blood annualy from all players when they arrive to the show and randomly after that as long as they were in baseball. i would freeze those samples. when a test for HGH is invented, i would go back and test those samples. anyone caught at that later date would be subject to the current collective bargaining agreement punishments.