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What is the specification of a suitable fitness function to use with GA?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

I need to know what is the maximum number of independent variables that introduce my fitness function and GA result and speed is good with this fitness function? In other word, what kind of fitness function I can use? What is it`s maximum number of independent variables?

use perhaps the Riemann’s dzeta function

How are you paying for health insurance if you are one of the millions recently laid off?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

I know COBRA is available for many, but it is very expensive to keep up and runs only for a limited period. Questions like this have been asked before and those against governement supported health care just accused those who didn’t have health insurance as lazy losers. But with the economy crashing, the scenario has changed. If you aren’t employed anymore and have no income and little savings, what are you doing for health insurance?
TAT…I left my job and my COBRA payment was $1,200 a month for me and my family. When you are unemployed, that is a LOT of money and not "reasonable" as you describe it. Many don’t have enough money for rent and food, much less that kind of money.

There are many things that are expensive. COBRA is reasonable. If insurance is important to someone they need to make that sacrifice. I guess we should be paying for their food and homes. Those are expensive and a necessity. Where does it stop?
Bad things happen. That is life. Hard times come and tough decisions have to be made. That still does not make it anyone else’s reponsibility to care for you. And you need to talk to COBRA again. That figure, according to the guy I just spoke to , seems inflated.

What is the best protein supplement for a smoothie?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

I’ve really become attached to smoothies (especially strawberry ones!), so I thought I’d try making them my breakfast. I know I have to put protein or some supplement to make it large enough for a meal, but I don’t know what the best kind is. I’d really appreciate some guidance! Thanks!

Well one smoothie with protein powder isn’t really enough for a meal but..

If your making a strawberry smoothie for example, you should get a strawberry flavored protein powder.

I’d personally recommend BSN’s "syntha-6" strawberry milkshake, as I have tried many protein powders but I can honestly say that BSN makes the best tasting protein.


Where can I complain against false Nutrition Facts on food package?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

I have bought some commodities from Indian grocery shop in Bay area. It is really a bad experience seeing all the lies they put on Nutrition Facts label. They just put anything on any item, I usually buy after looking at the Nutrition facts, after coming home and some research I found what that put on package is just plain false.

I really want them to be punished for playing with consumers health by providing wrong information and there by breaking the law.
Just to clarify, I am in Sunnyvale, California USA.

How do I make a complaint about food or a food business?
The NSW Food Authority is responsible for ensuring that NSW consumers get access to safe and correctly labelled food.

If you have a problem with food or a food business you can contact the Authority by:

Telephone on 1300 552 406
Facsimile on (02) 9647 0026
Email on
Letter to:
Consumer & Industry Contact Centre
c/- NSW Food Authority
PO Box 6682, SILVERWATER, NSW, 1811.

Alternatively, contact your local council. The Authority and local councils share the workload and have agreed to refer complaints to each other depending on who is best placed to address them. Either way, your complaint gets into the system and will be dealt with by the most appropriate organisation.

It is important that if you are feeling unwell you should separately seek medical advice.

What percentage of baseball players do you believe have taken HGH?

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

I guarantee there are players currently playing who have taken it or are still using it, probably players people would be suprised used HGH for injuries and PED. Since HGH was undetectable when steroids were banned and when there was steroid testing Im sure players moved on to HGH like handful of retired and current players have admitted to using.

Enough that it didn’t give anybody much of an advantage. PEDs in the 90s was like SAT prep courses, people didn’t do it to get ahead people just did it to catch up with everybody else that was doing it.

If you’re a fringe major leaguer, and you could guarantee yourself a spot on a MLB roster by juicing, which was legal for a long time, you’d do it without thinking twice.

What are the best fitness classes out there that help you to tone up the belly?

Monday, August 16th, 2010

I am looking for fitness classes that are great to help you to tone up I would love a flatter stomach. I have had a go at body pump but that class kills me. So if you know any fitness classes that have really toned u up or you pals. Please let me know?

In order to tone up the best form of physical activity is weight training. Its the best and most effective method of toning and burning body fat. Aerobic classes such as body pump, spinning etc are brilliant but to really firm up you should get a weights programme done specifically for the areas you want to tone up. For your tummy you need to burn body fat and then tone, sit ups will not tone your tummy on their own unless you are burning fat consistently and resistant type exercises are by far the best. If you going to a gym get the instructor to do a programme for you 25-30min 3x a week is suffice. Or get a fit ball and do resistant exercises at home – you will see results within 2-3 weeks.Good luck.

How to get health insurance for Dubai visit visa?

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Hi, I am planning to bring my husb and kid on visit visa. I heard that the health insurance is mandatory for visit visa. Where (or how) to get (or how to apply) this health insurance for vist visa. Please advice. Thanks.

Check your domestic health insurance (if any) and bank (if you have a "premium" type account); the might include travel insurance.

If not, try the people who you buy home/car/pet insurance from; they might offer you travel insurance at a reduced rate.

In the UK, the Post Office usually has the best deals on travel insurance, but I don’t know how common this practice is in the rest of the world.

What is a good protein supplement intake after a gym workout?

Monday, August 16th, 2010

I go to the gym often and I have some definition on my muscles but the problem is I don’t have the mass factor. What is a good protein supplement to gain some mass in addition to my muscles? I hope you understand what I mean.

try whey protein and creatine. and also u can try adding up the calories. if u are trying to gain mass the most important factor for ur goal is your diet.

What are the nutrition facts for beef tendon?

Monday, August 16th, 2010

Beef tendons are usually in those noodle in soups & they’re so darn good as well. I love them most with the beef briskets. So out of curiosity, I was wondering what the nutrition facts are.

Beef tendon in noodles in soups? I don’t understand. Noodles are not make with beef. And especially not beef tendons. I would think the tendons would be rubbery. Like chewing gum that won’t go away.

How long should I be on hgh before taking an igf blood test?

Monday, August 16th, 2010

I want to test if my igf levels have raised. How long should I be on hgh before taking a blood test?

It typically takes 6 months, this will allow the body to have time to adjust to the increase in levels and see full benefits. However, each person is different and some show results much faster than 6 months. It really depends on how much HGH your body is naturally producing on its own.