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What is a good fitness plan to build muscle?

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

I’m 19 years old, 5’10 and weigh 220lbs. I’m trying to find a girlfriend but it’s like I’m invisible. So I want to lose weight and gain muscle to look good. However I don’t know anything about fitness plans or anything so can someone help me know what kinds of foods to eat and some fitness plan ideas? Also give me some idea of how much weight I can lose within a week. Thanks guys.

** Eat six mini meals a day. Exercise and before every meal, drink two tall glasses of water, (about 16 oz.) this will fill you up and you will automatically eat less. This really works, so be patient. Good Luck to you

What is the best workout supplement to build muscle quickly and burn fat?

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

I’m 15 and lift 4 days a week for football, and sometimes on the weekends. Lots of guys are starting to take workout supplements so I feel like I’m falling behind. What is a good workout supplement to build muscle fast and burn fat? One with as little fillers as possible. Also, I want to make sure it’s healthy and won’t have any harmful side effects.

Well, its not supplement, but green tea. it worked for me, like burning fat. it sounds lame, i know.

Goood Luck(:

What are the best HGH supplements to use to get stronger, bigger, and ripped up?

Saturday, May 28th, 2011

I am wondering what would be the best type of HGH supplements to get stronger, bigger, and more ripped. I am not an athlete or a bodybuilder. I am just looking for something to look good and feel better. If you don’t mind, can you please post a link to the HGH supplement that you are preferring. Thank you.

there r no HGH suppls that are worth taking. if you are older than 25 then try going to a doctor and they will more than likely give you Test. if you are older than 30 your doctor WILL give you Test more than likely. If you do HGH it is not like Test or other Steroid compounds. You will be doing it from anywhere between 8-12 months.. Pinning every day sometimes 2 depending what kind you get. So pretty much HGH will be out of the question

What is a good website to learn better nutrition?

Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

I am 25 years old and I don’t think I have had good nutrition my whole life, lol. I guess I just never really thought about it enough to care about it. Now I am a Father to a two year old little girl and it’s becoming more and more important to me for us all to eat right.
Basically I am looking for a good website or two on how to have good nutrition. Things to eat and things to avoid. Thanks in advance.

I have found this website to be very helpful. It not only tells you the calories, but what proportion of fat/protein/carbs are in things and what vitamins. A really great planning tool! Also has good articles and forums. I also linked a toddler specific one for you.
I’m glad to see you are being a good responsible parent by ensuring proper nutrition for your child! You are a great example for other parents.

What is the best fitness routine to do to lose weight?

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

I go to a snap fitness, and I’m wondering which machines to go on, and for how long, in order to lose weight, and tone up without bulking up.

Hi! Do insanity workouts drink lots of water and do change you eating routine. This will surely help you, I got my advices and tips for health and fitness from The site give great advices that will help you to reach your goal.

How does infant nutrition help prevent future diseases?

Sunday, May 8th, 2011

I does proper infant nutrition help prevent future diseases?

And specifically what type of diseases are they?

Thank you so much.

There are several diseases related to lack of certain nutrients (rickets is one) or lack of adequate caloric intake. Feeding a baby properly will help ensure that they develop their body systems properly and get the best chance at growing to their potential.