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How to improve fitness without leaving the house?

Friday, September 9th, 2011

For medical reasons I can’t leave the house for the next 2 weeks, but in 3 weeks time I am doing a 10k run. Before I became housebound I only got up to running 5k. I need to increase my fitness a lot within these 2 weeks and don’t know what I can do.

The only gym equipment I have is an exercise bike so i’ve been doing an hour on there everyday but it doesn’t seem to be helping much.

Any ideas?

Hey ….umm u know there’s lots of stuff u can do in home like for – -
Abbs >> Lie on ur back on the floor, ur legs straight and ur hands behind ur head. As u life ur legs, bend the knees and simultaneously life ur torso up as well. Try to touch ur knees 2 ur chin. Return to starting position and repeat until ur abs get fatigued.

Hang from a chinning bar using an overhand grip about shoulder width apart. Keep ur legs bent, life ur legs in front of u as high as possible. Lower the leg back down to starting position and repeat…

Pushup >> Take pushup with ur fingers – 1st with 10 fingers do 20-30 pushup, next with 8 fingers do 15-20 like that u can reduce or increase its upto u….

Still there are lots more stuff u can do in home do skipping, umm try to find urself something useful for u….

What are the health benefits of shirataki noodles?

Friday, September 9th, 2011

I need to find out more about shirataki noodles. I’ve heard just a tiny bit about it and I am interested in learning more about them in general and their health benefits. Basically my questions are:

1. Where can I learn more about shirataki noodles?

2. What are the health benefits of shirataki noodles?

Thanks for the help.

1.Yo u can learn about shirataki noodles from the website i posted below. Basic information includes that they have 0 calories, their gluten free,they help with weight loss, and they are very easy to cook.

2. Health benefits of shirataki noodles include they have 0 calories, gluten free, help maintain cholesterol levels, they help diabetics, low in carbohydrates, helps loose weight, and they are high in fiber.