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What is the best Wii fitness game for building muscle strength and gaining weight?

Monday, February 13th, 2012

I just got a new Wii and see there are plenty of fitness games out there that are aimed at helping people lose weight and cardio exercises. But I am looking for a game that helps weight gain and muscle building, not just "toning". Would very much appreciate your suggestions. I have dumbells and a bench at home, as well as a fitness ball. Thanks!

Great question. You’re right that most fitness games are focused on cardio.

The games that come to mind are The Biggest Loser Challenge and Get Fit with Mel B. Both of these allow you to customize your workouts, and the customizations include strength building which can target certain muscle groups. I’d say that the core of both games is still cardio, but at least they provide some options. Both games allow you to select options use extra equipment such as the fitness ball (both) and wrist weights (Mel B), something no other Wii game has built in.

Most Wii games can be turned into strength training by adding wrist weights or Riiflex weights.

What affordable health insurance would you recommend for my uninsured 21 year old daughter?

Monday, February 13th, 2012

She works full time but her employer charges an outrageous amount of money for health insurance. I know there are many many young people who don t have health insurance, mostly because of the cost of high insurance premiums. But my daughter really needs it cause she has some health issues that will stay with her for a lifetime.

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What supplement or protein drink is best to develop muscle without gaining fatty weight?

Monday, February 13th, 2012

My situation: I’m a 230 pound varsity wrestler. I’m a heavyweight wrestler, but almost all the people i have wrestled so far have weighed 260 or more. Friends tell me just to gain weight, but i joined wrestling to lose weight. Needless to say I need strength fast. I need something like a drink or supplement the will allow me to gain muscle fast with the workout I already have with limited or no fat weight gained.

Try those!

They aren’t drinks but protein bars but they are really easy to make (and actually quite yummy). They do contain 15% fat/ 260 cals but you can’t beat 36g of protein! And they are filling, so they can take up half of a meal.

I suppose you are using weights when you train, because no protein in the world helps if you don#t actually train your muscles effectively :)


How much have you grown on hgh injections?

Monday, February 13th, 2012

I am 14 and a guy so I want to know how much other hgh deficient guys grew on the injections cause I just started im supposed to be 5’10 but with the deficiency I wuld only be 5’ how much did u guys grow?

Sorry dear, u will grow on ur genes naturally. Nothing will work.So avoid medication x