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How does health care for immigrants work?

Saturday, August 11th, 2012

I plan to immigrate to another country when I get older, and I always hear stories of people that immigrate without thinking about health care and ending up in crowded public hospitals or not having health assistance at all.
Well, I do worry about it. So, what should I do long before or just after arriving there?

Most countries require you to show proof of health insurance before they even allow you to immigrate. Most industrialized nations, and many 3rd world countries have a top-notch health care system. For example, even in Cuba you are 100 times better off getting sick than in the United States.

The best health care system is in France, where doctors make home visits, free of charge. The U.K. has "socialized medicine" which means you never have to worry about anything when you get sick, and the same applies to Canada. Basically, when it comes to health care, the worst place you can be is the United States, I’m almost ashamed to state.

How does the health care system work in Singapore?

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

Is health care in Singapore free like in the UK and other European countries? Or do people have to pay to get check ups, have surgery, use the hospital, etc?

What if somebody is poor and they can’t afford to pay for health care?

And what happens if somebody is living in Singapore but is not a Singaporean citizen?

In Singapore there is no free health care. We pay
for all the services however citizen pay much less.
All working singaporean will have an government run insurance
(the citizen themselves contribute to the cost of insurtainsurance will ensure citizen will not overly burden by too much medical cost.

For Singaporeans there are safeguards to ensure everyone can have reasonable care.

non citizen pay more or can choose to have private insurance.

I am a Singaporean

What supplement do you recommend for building muscle and getting rid of a tiny bit of belly fat?

Saturday, August 4th, 2012

I’m 6 ft 0 and 66 kg with a slim and stocky build. I reckon my body fat % is 12 or 13. My abs are ALMOST showing. I just need a supplement that could help me gain muscle and lose a bit of fat so my abs could show. What do you recommend?