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How would I put on a fitness competetion in my gym?

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

I am the fitness cordinater for the Butte family YMCA and I am interested in putting on a local ameteur fitness competetion. Something that is not as big as the npc ones. Any advice?

First of all you need to a good qualifying gym for competition. Than you look up your fitness element. How much & how more strong element have in your gym. After all right then you need to look up your gym popularity. If you complete all, i suggest look some good competition qualifier gym where they arrange some competition in past. Go him & take suggestion form them. See some gym related site where have good post about competition of fitness gym.

What is the difference between Health Insurance and Health care Program?

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Is it OK to have just the health care program and not have the Health Insurance Plan? I can get Health care program for half the monthly premium as compared to the Health Insurance Plan. Please advise? Is it advisable?

You don’t say what country you are in, your age, or anything much else.

It doesn’t matter what these are called. You have to compare:

What doctors you can see (any doctor? one in their network?)
What kind of doctor you can see (do you have to go to a primary care physician first, before you can see a specialist?)
Whether hospitalization is covered
What is the deductible (the amount out of pocket before they pay anything each year)
What is the co-pay (the amount you pay each time you use the insurance)
How likely are you to use the benefits?

Then make up a situation – you fall off a bike and break your arm, or you catch something serious. Figure out how you will benefit from each plan. If you live in states, check out this site to find the cheapest health insurance just in one minute,

Here you can get free quotes from different health insurance companies in your area, its the best way to find an afforable health insurance with a reliable company.

Best Wishes,

How often is it safe to add a fiber supplement to water?

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

I wanted to add a fiber supplement to bottled water for three meals a day since it’s known to keep you fuller longer. Is this safe?

Generally fiber supplements are known to be safe – if you take them as reccommended. However, are you consuming food with the water or just consuming fiber enriched water? I wouldn’t reccommend you consume just water for meals. But – I would think it’s fine.

However, speaking from experience – I usually feel hungry faster when I take my meals with a fiber supplement.

What is a credible nutrition school in chicago that also has health and wellness?

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

Looking for nutrition plus health and wellness in a good part of chicago that is by the train! i’m located in cary illinois and need to find a school that i can travel to with public transportation

There are credible degrees in Nutrition offered in regionally accredited universities
Be aware free-standing "schools of nutrition" are often bogus, run by alternative medicine crackpots.

Will HGH make a not deficient person grow taller if their plates are open?

Thursday, December 27th, 2012

If professionally administered Human Growth Hormone, would a young adult (who is not deficient in HGH, but has not reached max potential height and whose growth plates are completely open) grow taller? Please explain either way in a scientific sense.

Thank you

Felix, the scientific answer in this case is maybe. Not a lot of identical twins willing to undergo a blind clinical evaluation of the sort of test required for scientific evidence. Also, a doctor will never know exactly how tall a patient being administered HGH would have grown without the hormone.

Science requires a control and a variable to work in most cases.

What is a good fitness magazine without politics?

Friday, December 21st, 2012

I want a great fitness magazine. I want something natural (not into a ton of anabolic ads) with alot of info on workout ideas as well as tips to avoid injury and get better results. I am super sick of political articles in my fitness mags about causes I do not support. I just want fitness. Diet and beauty are ok, but I don’t care if they are there or not. I do cardio (running, calisthenics) and strength training. I mainly want the magazine for tips, ideas and motivation(most important).

Women’s Health is a good magazine. I read it all the time when I was working. Oxygen and Self are also very good and pretty popular fitness magazines for women.

What health concerns should one be worried about when traveling to Hawaii?

Friday, December 21st, 2012

We would not have any kind health insurance to cover any thing that would arise.

The work we will be doing will be strictly volunteer.

Are you traveling from the continental US? If so, then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. I’ve visited Hawaii several times and never had to worry about my health.

The tourist industry is huge, and there are lots of military personnel traveling back and forth so most diseases or illnesses on islands or mainland travel back and forth. You won’t be exposed to anything new.

What is the best kind of muscle supplement to take to get rip not big?

Friday, December 21st, 2012

I am looking to take a supplement this summer to help get a more "cut" or "rip" body and not get huge. I don’t like the taste of milk and i have tried muscle milk and that doesn’t help. So is there anything else out there that will work just as well?

Make sure to increase your water and protein intake, also include a mufti-vitamin. is an ingredient found in supplements that is supposed to help increase muscle growth.

What is the best way to take optimum nutrition for supplements?

Friday, December 21st, 2012

I’m looking at buying nutrition. I work out 5 days a week at a really good gym. decent workouts. I only weight 141 lbs. I’m almost 18. I’m told that I should buy optimum nutrition serious mass and 100% whey gold standard. the whey comes in 5 lbs and the serious mass comes in 12 lbs. how should I use this stuff and how long will it last. I eat lots of meat, eggs, and stuff. thanks

Get the whey, don’t take the mass (most the mass you get from it won’t be muscle anyway) and pick up the ON’s Micronized Creatine.

Just take 1 scoop of whey 30 minutes pre-workout (pre-workout protein has been proven to be more important than post-workout) and 5g (or a rounded tablespoon) of creatine post-workout (with protein or carbohydrate source, both will spike your insulin enough for the creatine to get absorbed).

To David: Optimum Nutrition is a supplement company. The cost/quality of their products are probably the best out there at the moment so many people recommend their stuff.

Is it safe to use Symbiotropin PRO HGH with any other supplements?

Friday, December 21st, 2012

I was thinking about ordering Symbiotropin PRO HGH and I was wondering if I could use other supplements like Leukic from Muscletech or Hydroxicut or anything like that with the Symbiotropin. Any insight would help.

I have never even heard of Symbiotropin PRO HGH, but you should ask where you bought it and they will usually tell you what you can use with it….. usually companies which put out products will have other different types of products you can use with it (like a weight gainer, and you can use a cut suppliment by the same company) but make sure you ask before you just mix you don’t wanna end up F*ed up man!!