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HGH Product Ratings

Friday, June 26th, 2009

HGH Product Ratings

Growth Hormone can be increased in the body in three ways: pills, oral sprays, and injections. Injections are very expensive and require a physician’s prescription. For the average person this is impractical. Pills contain no HGH. Why bother? Since these vendors produce products that cost so little without real HGH and sell them at high Growth Hormone prices their profit margins are over the top. This allows them to invest a lot of advertising money into dominating internet search engines. The buyer, looking for Growth Hormone products is lost in a sea of non-HGH products. Examples of some of them are:

– GHR1000
– Sytropin
– Eternal
– HGH Energizer
– GenF20
– Zerpic
– Advice
– (sprays, pills)
– HGH Complete
– Maximum Result
– Neugenisis
– Renuva
– Zlabs
– Ultimate HGH
– Rejuvenator
– Omega GH
– MPS Secretagogue Gold
– 4-HGH
– Super HGH
– HGH Plus
– SomaLife gHP
– Life Factor
– iherb Promino Plus
– TV Products Guide
– HGH (Human Growth Hormone Factor) Complex Spray

Less visible oral sprays are tough for the consumer to discover but much more effective. Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone oral sprays seem to be the preferred way to go. These sprays contain real pharmaceutical HGH, it’s within a normal person’s means, and gets 60%-80% of the same results as injected HGH. It’s approved by the FDA for over the counter sales and is gentle and without side affects in your system.

Comparison of 21st Century HGH and GenF20 and Renuva Growth Hormone. The product know as Renuva Growth Hormone contains no HGH. The product known as Omega HGH also contains no growth hormone as well as Sytropin. Another product that contains no HGH is Growth Hormone Rejuvenex and other vendors are listed here as well. HGH Review

The most popular online merchant of HGH is They ship within one business day of receiving the order, have been in business for over a decade, have responsive customer service, and their return policy is speedy. You can also read an HGH Review.

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How do I find the complement and supplement of an angle that is a variable?

Saturday, June 8th, 2013

My maths homework says to find the complement and supplement of each angle. I can do this with normal angles but one problem says "g°". How am I supposed to find the complement or supplement of a variable angle? I never learned this.

complement of angle g° = 90° – g°

supplement of angle g° = 180° – g°


Is a Raspberry leaf supplement good for menstrual cramps?

Saturday, April 20th, 2013

I do not have a tea but have a supplement capsule. Would it help my cramping now or is this something I need to take on a daily basis to get the pain relief?
Thanks so much.
I meant Red Raspberry.

I really don’t know about that as a supplement capsule, but many girls I’ve interviewed had good relief by drinking raspberry tea, among other types, so I would think that it would most likely be beneficial for your cramps. Good luck! :)

What does it mean when an angle is the supplement of another?

Monday, April 15th, 2013


I’m a little stuck on a math problem and can’t find the answer anywhere. It would really help if I knew what it meant when one angle is the supplement of another, haha. I have to find x in this problem: The largest exterior angle has the measure x + 8, and the smallest interior angle is the supplement of that angle. It is refering to a triangle.

Please don’t tell me the answer! However If I could get the equation that would be a great help. Thank you!

A supplement is something you add to another number to make 180 degrees. Hopefully it gave you something on the interior angle, because you’d have to add that to the x+8, then set it equal to 180 degrees, then solve for X.

If it doesn’t, then I’d assume that the interior angle is X.

Good luck!

How large is an angle whose supplement contains 12° less than three times its complement?

Wednesday, April 10th, 2013

How large is an angle whose supplement contains 12° less than three times its complement?

The measure of the angle is _____ degrees.

Supplement of angle θ = (180 – θ)

Complement = (90 – θ)

So (180 – θ) + 12 = 3(90 – θ)

180 + 12 – θ = 270 – 3θ

2θ = (270 – 192) = 78

θ = 39º

What is the best oral supplement for acne?

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

I’ve been looking for the best supplement that improves your skin. I have bad acne that flares up, and I’m sick of topical treatments never working. Is there any supplement that is known to work best? Perhaps one I could find in a health store?

Zinc is a good supplement for skin!

Have you ever considered that you may have a slight intolerance to dairy based products?

Skin will usually flare up whenever you eat something the body doesn’t like and is trying to get rid of. I used to have horrible skin, but then I tried replacing cow’s milk with soya milk and cut cheese-based products out of my diet completely and within 2 months my skin had completely cleared up. This was after 3 years of my adult life spent battling it with antibiotics and topical skin treatment.

May be worth giving it a go…

How to know the health supplement is from Australia or New Zealand?

Saturday, March 16th, 2013

There so many online health supplement shops supplying very cheap health supplement.
How to know whether they are genuine ones?

To know the health supplement is from Australia or New Zealand. mention at the supplement or you can simply check where this available you can find that source .

What nutritional supplement should a person take daily for optimum health?

Thursday, March 7th, 2013

Nutritional Supplement for a healthy individual.

It depends upon the age & gender of the individual. Check with your doctor, GNC or health food store in your area. It also depends on what life-style the person has, stress level, & activity level. Women of certain ages need calcium supplements, iron or ferrous sulfate.

What is the best supplement/mix to take for working out?

Thursday, February 28th, 2013

What is the best supplement/mix to take for building muscle at the gym?
I asked about creatine in a previous question on here and it doesn’t sound all that appealing.

So many options out there and so many different opinions about them all. The more points of view I get on here, the better.

Will definitely be awarding a Best Answer after reviewing all the feedback.


Supplements are really not going to help. A balanced diet of the usual four food groups is what you need. Mostly grains and veggies, a little fish, fowl and lean meat – and not too much of any of it.

Dietary supplements bring millions of dollars into the pockets of the stinkers who manage to fool lots of people into thinking they can’t get along without supplements – but humankind has gotten along just fine without ‘em for thousands and thousands of years – we haven’t suddenly become so fragile and frail that we need ‘em now!

What is the best protein supplement for me?

Thursday, February 21st, 2013

I was wondering what the best Protein Supplement for me is im 14 years old and i weight lift everyday after school for an hour…I do follow a routine and never do the same thing for long period of time…I want to know what is the best supplement i can take while working out…I don’t want anything i have to take during school hours..

The best protein supplement you can take is an all around protein powder, something you could but at gnc or the internet. This includes several types of protein in it, along with some creatine and glutamine to boost and speed your recovery. The easiest protein to get is Whey Protein made by Body Fortress. This can be bought at many grocery stores, including Wall Mart and Kroger. This also contains glutamine and creatine. If you can get some one 18 or older, you can buy creatine by Body Fortress, also found at Kroger and Wall Mart. This will help you bulk up fast. The best time to take protein is at night before bed and in the morning after you wake up. The best time to take creatine is before a workout, and if money is not a problem, after. Make sure you drink a TON of water during the day, to flush out the excess protein and creatine.