Fitness and Flexibility: Stretching

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Duration : 0:1:26

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25 Responses to “Fitness and Flexibility: Stretching”

  1. cristianoismyhero says:

    lol nice body
    lol nice body

  2. IslandErLandThitt says:


    That video …

    That video rocked. It taught lots about yoga :P
    and made learning fun :D

  3. pacifiedfools says:

    she is in …
    she is in phenomenal shape

  4. masterpoop678 says:

    2 words wow :)
    2 words wow :)

  5. personwhosnowboards says:


  6. stiansoftcore says:

    yeah, I know ..
    yeah, I know ..

  7. krisnasan says:

    Uff she is the best …
    Uff she is the best, she is hot, she is the most beautiful and sexy fitness girl.

  8. mikehoncho73 says:

    charliejames has …
    charliejames has removed zuzana’s black/white yoga video. not happy. i lost one of my favourites.

  9. OCdodgerfan88 says:

    She is one of the …
    She is one of the sexiest women on youtube.

  10. MBest11x says:

    I wish more girls …
    I wish more girls would get to this level :p

  11. supermih2000 says:

    i love u
    i love u

  12. RexAristoxenus says:

    whoah, I tried to …
    whoah, I tried to watch her videos for the training but its too hard, she too dam hott!!!

    Picture perfect abs

  13. oooJazzSamooo says:

    Just perfect, but …
    Just perfect, but the music is not the best.

  14. sharpshooter1959 says:

    wow and wow
    wow and wow

  15. sharpshooter1959 says:


  16. waln492 says:

    they shot this like …
    they shot this like a o. i wish i could have seen the actual stretches. very nice body tho, but i like your other videos better.

  17. tahfag says:

    oh my god.
    i love …

    oh my god.
    i love this video.
    so ing much.

  18. SDubDaBulldogg says:

    It’s amazing when …
    It’s amazing when she sweats :)

  19. Robbyswifey009 says:

    I wish my abs …
    I wish my abs looked like yours

  20. Emmybbzz says:

    how do you get a …
    how do you get a body like that?
    o 0


  21. opcomment says:

    most amazing body …
    most amazing body i’ve ever seen 8–O

  22. tiagocastrocampos says:

    first …

    first musculed girl i really like, most of them look like men
    but she is completly hot!

  23. SmileinBoy1 says:


  24. cavila01 says:

    dude who cares if …
    dude who cares if she has muscles i love that in a woman its just to show that not just men can accomplish anything i would love to have a women that i can throw down on the mats and have a sparring match with i would love to go home and say to my friends that im going to go and fight my wife and be happy about it.

  25. pavaqlco says:

    Besides noticing …
    Besides noticing she is sexy, I love the way she was made, I mean she has perfect symmetry in all of her body, feet, abs, lips. She looks like a warm person to me:D