Top 10 Worst Foods – Nutrition By Natalie

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Nutrition by Natalie

Top Ten Worst Foods

Natalie counts down the 10 worst foods you could eat. Chances are if you eat an average American diet, you ate at least three of these today.

In a fast food nation, eating healthy food becomes difficult to do. Yet a poor diet contributes to low energy, obesity, stress, health problems and high medical bills.

If you eat better, you will feel better and this video discusses some of the foods you should avoid.

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25 Responses to “Top 10 Worst Foods – Nutrition By Natalie”

  1. MishiSD88 says:

    msg is not a …
    msg is not a preservative, its a flavor enhancer. it makes your taste buds more sensitive so even crap takes ok. also, trans fat is not found in soup very often… usually in baked goods (like the ding dongs she mentions).

  2. raprapper1 says:

    your good Natalie
    your good Natalie

  3. aboss115music says:

    Careful with …
    Careful with doctors- a lot of them have biased information or simply are not very informative regarding nutrition. Some good books to look at are China Study, and Food Revolution.

    For sugar replacers, use agave nectar, stevia, or real maple syrup.

  4. 4PomPom says:



  5. edwardnbella96 says:

    oh well ill watch …
    oh well ill watch wat i eat n especially wat i drink lolz well thanxz anyways ill try 2 ask ma doctor bout diz cuz diz is one tough question…

  6. aboss115music says:

    well, I don’t know …
    well, I don’t know about cancer- it could have carcinogenic properties, but most things do nowadays. Also, even if it was, It isn’t really about what is carcinogenic, it is about what PROMOTES the tumor, for a carcinogen is only the “seed”- you still need “water and sunlight.”

    Don’t get me wrong, there are a LOT of things wrong with aspartame (and sucralose, saccharin, etc.) but I don’t think cancer is one of them.

  7. edwardnbella96 says:

    r u serious she …
    r u serious she went 2 da hospital???!!! wow dats surprising!!

    oh ok thanxz i thought dat i wuz gunna get cncer cuz he or she said dat it made ppl get cancer n i got freaked out i wuz like WTF!!!

  8. haz3leyez4u2nv2 says:

    does this go for …
    does this go for all soups or just onces with broth?

  9. Ifailatlife1991 says:

    wtf did she say… …
    wtf did she say… She’s hot

  10. googxmsr says:

    5:01 .. REALLY HIGH
    5:01 .. REALLY HIGH

  11. GothicWarPrincess says:

    They should ban all …
    They should ban all of the unhealthy food for the heck of it.

  12. NorthCentralMass says:

    white flour is the …
    white flour is the devil

  13. Chamorrobro says:

    D; No more bacon D; …
    D; No more bacon D; *sob* *cry* How can you d othis to me!?

  14. FrostyCougar says:

    Drink water with …
    Drink water with some squash or cordial.
    Tastes great, and doesn’t have that much sugar.

  15. aboss115music says:

    WHOA!!! Two …
    WHOA!!! Two completely different reactions from sugar. Soda is synthetically made and added with HFCS= bad!

    OJ is natural sugar, and reacts naturally to your body.

  16. rpdigital17 says:

    There is a fructose …
    There is a fructose in pure orange juice, but that does not make any difference for you or does it?

  17. Bazuzeus says:

    woaw : too much …
    woaw : too much sugar in a can of soda ! Right… there’s 75kcal in a large glass of coke… a large glass of fresh orange juice will also contain 75kcal
    Ho, wait, much beter idea : don’t drink at all, you’ll die young and in good health (but soon)

  18. danielworks says:

    fuck you ! no way ! …
    you ! no way !

  19. bloodrocuted says:

    I am ED.
    I am ED.

  20. galahad1st says:

    Bread, Water, and …
    Bread, Water, and Margaritas.. Yae…

  21. aboss115music says:

    The only drinks you …
    The only drinks you need are 100% fruit juice and water. (maybe some margaritas on special occasions lol)

    Please disregard Getalis. I am not sure why she continues to insist that splenda (sucralose) and aspartame are non-threatening, because the studies- from books and internet (org, net, edu)- show otherwise. In fact, I had a friend (who only consumed natural foods all her life) who had a diet coke recently for the first time, and she went to the hospital!

  22. Getalis says:

    Neither aspartame …
    Neither aspartame nor sucralose (Splenda™) have been proven to cause cancer, or anything else for that matter. Try doing some actual research before you pass along bullshit urban legends.

  23. Getalis says:

    Did he venture as …
    Did he venture as to precisely *how* this occurs? Because none of the major metabolites so much as graze an artery.

  24. brianv00 says:


  25. adeleney says:

    Because she’s …
    Because she’s telling the truth.